Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Healing Place

Our family just got back from a peaceful visit to the Texas Hill Country.  
R&R with Big brother, Zach.
Caleb had a great start to the new year, as doctors reduced his chemo to 50%, to help avoid another hospitalization. That means he has felt GREAT!  He's back up to 75% of the original dose, which is starting to take its toll.  Cal has been way too nauseous to eat breakfast the past few weeks.  Luckily, he usually feels better by mid-day.  We got spoiled while Caleb was feeling so well, so it's been difficult for our family to adjust to the new dosage and the side-effects that come with it.

However, our trip to Fredericksburg restored our faith in Caleb's strength!  

Caleb promised us he'd be the first to make it up to the top of Enchanted Rock, and he left us in his dust! 
It was almost a mile from our car to the top of that steep, granite rock.  Soooo proud of him.  
He did it just like he fights cancer - with serious determination.  That's his little body in the blue shirt, toward the left... a little man on quite a big mission.  He was asleep before we pulled away, so we know what a serious mindset it took, to pull it off.  He looked at it as "conditioning" for the upcoming baseball season.  :)

Positive news at Caleb's appointment today! His spinal tap results show he is very much in remission, so his chemo is doing its job well!  It's hard some days to not begrudge all of these drugs that zap his energy, but they're saving his life, so we must be extremely thankful for them and the brilliant doctors, who came up with them.  Plus we praise God for unexpected surges of energy!
A big moment for Caleb kicked-off the new year!  A local radio celeb & founder of the Snowdrop Foundation presented Caleb his medal from his 120th marathon.  Kevin Kline runs to raise money for childhood cancer research.  Caleb is so proud of his medal.
Our dear friend, Christine DeLeon, just ran the Houston Marathon in Caleb's honor, as well, to raise money for the Sunshine Kids!   http://www.chevronhoustonmarathon.com/Donate/PersonalPage.cfm?MID=11959&CID=527

David & I spoke to a huge team of runners, raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society at this year's marathon.  It was special for Caleb to inspire them all and remind them why they were running 26.2 miles.  :)

Some wonderful visitors joined us at the Cancer Center, today!  You may recall one of my previous blog posts about a friend from Cal's school, who came up with the idea to combine soap & lotion (Soshen) to help our dry hands (constant washing, to avoid germs).  Ben Mize has become quite a little businessman and is selling the product now.  www.sosheninc.com

Even better, he's donating a portion of his proceeds to Texas Children's Hospital, in honor of Caleb.  Ben wrote his very first check of $500!
Ben & Caleb presented the check to a Representative from Texas Children's Hospital.  What a positive life's lesson.  Of course, Ben has learned from two of the best - his loving & giving parents, Mark & Heather!   :)
Our specific prayers right now are for Caleb to breeze through flu season and remain healthy!  Every time he coughs or sneezes, the fear of flu seems taller than a mountain.  It's a very dangerous, unpredictable strain this year.  Every day, we ask God to protect him from germs & command his body to reject flu germs.

With God on our side, we feel we can all conquer any mountain! 
One of our darling family members gave me a daily reminder that having the courage of a lion will get us through it all... 

This beautiful lion charm "Courage" means so much to me.  Thanks, Laurie, for your love & support!  :)

Thank you for continuing to follow Caleb's cancer journey and for your thoughts and prayers. 
Much love to you all!