Monday, September 30, 2013

News Flash....

Great news today!   All the abnormal cells are out of Caleb's spine!!!  Praise God for healing and for modern medicine!!!

Today was chemo day - Caleb's chemo required his own personal nurse the entire time.  No IV pole today  - it was a free drip!  This is chemo with fabulous customer service!  Not sure the customers come any cuter than this little guy.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Home Schoolin' & Playin' Doctor....

Caleb was sooooo excited about kindergarten this year and then was devastated that he wouldn't be able to go back to school when he got sick.  As it turns out, school is coming to him!  His big brothers kinder teacher has graciously insisted that she be his at home teacher!  Such a blessing- she comes with all sorts of kinder learning tools and even dresses up.  Note the Kinder ROCKS t-shirt.  

Cal is loving coconut milk these days.  Sweet friend, Katina brought Cal a treat of fresh coconut milk!

These days playin' doctor is part of the gig for the Cook family.  Caleb gets daily "flushes" of his IV line.  Daddy and big brother give mommy a break and get in on the fun- using a lose definition of the word here!  Daddy is up for the challenge and Zach looks cute and so very official in his gloves and mask!  

Lots of changes going on but making the best of the situation!  Please continue to pray for healing, strength, rest and courage!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mayo, plzzzz!

Yesterday Caleb was feeling ok - just low energy. He enjoyed lot of snuggles and long naps. The steroids have him craving VERY UN usual things - even things he never liked before. Mayo straight from the bottle being on top of his list! Thanks to mommy, he gets one squirt a day from his very own bottle. It's even all natural and organic! Dear friend, Beth is helping the "Cooks" cook up healthy snacks and making veggies fun. This homemade soup complimented the mayo beautifully! :) Today he was sporting the entire U of H Cougar fashion line thanks to a special friend working to cheer him up. This little cougar may just stay a cougar!

Yummy MAYO!

Ms. Beth taking request!

 Heathly eating!
Go Coooogs!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Smile and Sanitize...

Today Caleb met up with a wonderful photographer who volunteers for the Periwinkle Foundation,  an organization that enhances young cancer patients lives.   He got some sweet pictures of Caleb and will use the pictures to chronicle his journey through cancer.  Can't wait to get those to share!   Caleb's back is pretty sore today from the spinal tap.  Mommy and daddy got a bit of extra exercise today carrying a sore little boy around.   Sweet to love on him but certainly a work out on some tired back muscles.   Here are a few pics from the photo shoot - beautiful sky!

At home, he was jazzed about getting some fun and practical gifts from mommy's co-workers today.  The kindergarten home-school stuff and sanitizing gifts were a big hit.  Big brother,  Zachary,  has launched a new campaign to promote Hand Sanitizer to Caleb!  He is convinced that it is this families new best friend - watch out germs!!!!  Gotta love that kid - hand sanitizer has never looked so fun!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Not Makin' the top 10 or even top 1,000,0000...

Monday's are going to be Caleb's field trip days for the next few months.  I use the term "field trip" loosely - really outing to the hospital for chemo.  Today didn't rank as one of Caleb's top 10 days of his life - it would be MUCH further down on his ranking.  He couldn't have anything to eat or drink prior to his sedation and that was around 1:00 pm.  On an average day, that would be hard but pumped with steroids that give you a serious case of munchies it is grueling for a little guy!  His big brother is up for "best entertainer" as he got really creative with his efforts to distract Caleb from the fact that he was hungry, thirsty and not excited about this so called, "field trip"!
The Zach and Mommy Show - LIVE!!!

After the complete opposite of an enjoyable morning Caleb went for his treatment.  He had a spinal tap and chemo injected directly into his spine under sedation.  For such a miserable morning he looks simply precious resting in recovery!

Recovery Room!
Caleb and his crew (mommy, daddy and Zach) are back home tonight.  Let's pray they can get some rest  - a simple thing that is such a challenge in times like this!


Just a reminder to pray for Caleb's treatment today. He is back at the hospital today for another round of chemo. Pray for him and his whole family!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Last week ...

A heart breaking week in so many ways but here are a few of the moments that brought energy, encouragement and even smiles.  Many moments were miserable but some were precious and priceless!

Full couch of friends!

Friends brought new friends!  What to name this guy?

Caleb's pre-school teacher came to visit!

Mohawk Madness... Zachary thinks Caleb should get one!

Prayer time with his teacher and school board!

Luau time!

Radio Lollipop was FUN!!!

Fun with Mommy!

Hangin' with big brother and friends!

Laughing with Ms. Nicole.

Hospital volunteer sharing his musical gifts!
X-ray to get a pass home!

Rest little one!

May Caleb and his family know they are dearly LOVED through every step of this journey.

Home sweet, HOME!!!

Guess where Caleb went today...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Packin' those bags...

It has only been a week since this all started! Amazing how quickly life can change.

If all goes well this afternoon they will be coming HOME!!! Caleb needs another blood transfusion today, a few test and then hopefully they will be packin' those bags!

Quote of the day!!!
Mommy asked - "Caleb what are you most excited to see or experience at home?"
With a HUGE SMILE, he replied, "EVERYTHING"!!!

Makes you want to sing, "Today is the day, the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!"

Friday, September 20, 2013

A note from Melissa this afternoon...

We really truly feel the prayers of everyone. It's making a huge difference. We didn't think we'd survive yesterday and today everything is 180 degrees better. Dr's have figured out how to counteract his awful side affects and work through his fears. Thank you!

You will see a smile....

Mommy reports that today is a much better day for Caleb - yeah!!! That is sure to make your heart smile. They are thrilled to report his attitude and acceptance of the situation is MUCH improved. Child Life has been busy today educating Caleb about his disease and helping him to understand it - in a five year old boy sort of way. This proved to be fun and messy. They drew dots to represent the cells on a large sheet of paper, hung it on the wall and then shot paint through the syringe at the bad cells! Fun stuff for a little boy who is trying to make sense of the last week! This little project also created some colorful polka dot floors but well worth the mess.

Ahhhhh, that smile! :)

He also attended pill swallowing school and received a certificate of accomplishment. This little guy swallowed 8 pills - serious progress!!! Well on his way to being a champion pill swallower. And again, he was in much better spirits about it!

Chemo went well today. Caleb kept his little fingers and mind busy on the ipad during treatment. And here is the cutest treatment picture on the planet....

Thankful for a better day!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Not as planned...

Today did NOT go as planned!

We learned today that the leukemia cells are in his spinal fluid.  We are not sure yet how this affects his treatment plan but we do know today was tough and we want him well!!!   Cal is in surgery now and we will know more tomorrow.

Please continue to lift him up in prayer!

Rough stuff...

Tough night and no sleep for mommy and daddy! The steroids don't necessarily bring out the most pleasant of moods and he is pumped up on steroids. He was not a happy boy during the night and ripped out his IV - ouch!!! They planned to do his 3rd round of chemo today but had to postpone it due to a few complications. They did an EKG this morning and are evaluating the results. Lots going on but he is in the best place to get it figured out.

Please pray for him, his mommy, his daddy and the hospital staff who are desperately seeking the very best treatment plan. Pray that he is able to tolerate the specific chemo that works best on this disease. Pray he is not allergic and his reactions are not severe.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today in pictures...

Caleb has a Roommate -
 he has eight legs, glow in the dark eyes and Caleb controls his every move!  Visitors beware!!!

 He greets all that enter!  He is quick, quiet and is ready at all times!  The nurses didn't even know he had moved in!

The eight legged door man was busy all day.  The new roomie was there to greet members of the FOX team and Caleb was delighted with the goodies sent by the team and mommy's viewers!

Later in the day  - Caleb, mommy and the roomie were treated to a little song and dance of, "Tomorrow" from the Annie soundtrack.  A sweet song and a great reminder that better days are ahead!

And to top off the day!  Big brother and his friend marched in ready to "beat this thing".   Mr. Spider got a bit nervous until he learned their mission was to beat the leukemia not take him out!  He tends to be a little sensitive. :)

Rough few days but Caleb and his family are solid and they will stand strong!  Please continue to pray for healing, strength, rest and joy to be found along their journey.  

Caleb will be returning to pill swallowing school tomorrow so pray specifically for that to go well.  Swallowing the medicine is a vital  part of his treatment and we want him to be comfortable taking them.  Tomorrow he is one day closer to beating this thing!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A new subject to study...

Super Man was busy today! The new subject to study is ALL - what it is, what is does and most importantly how they plan to get rid of it!!! Caleb took on the super man role and was super brave trying his very best to do what he needs to do to get better. His body is worn out from the treatments yesterday. Today he received physical therapy. He also tackled pill swallowing school - a really tough task for a little guy. This is an area that is a struggle but he will keep working on it.   Please continue prayers for strength and courage. Specifically pray for Caleb's ability to swallow the pills with ease. Also, that this little super man will have a supernatural peace and faith in his heart through this journey.

 In the last few days, Caleb and his sweet family have been in a whirl wind of diagnosis, treatment and education of leukemia. So much information to hear, see, process, learn  and live out.  It is beyond overwhelming.   Child Life Specialist are on staff to help educate and prepare the kids in terms that are developmentally appropriate.  They show up and do amazing stuff to distract, entertain, educate and just encourage kids and their families.    It can be heavy stuff but they do a fabulous job. Here is the lesson Caleb and his brother got to explain the disease from the Child Life friend that visited....

The bright dots represent white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. The dark ones represent the  leukemia cells that are taking over the good ones. The boys got to pretend to be chemo by putting an "x" on all the bad cells.  That is how it works - the chemo wipes out the leukemia.  Seems like a great explanation for all ages!!! They listened, they learned,  they know the plan and they are ready to attack it!

Today's theme...

Today's theme is Super Man. Sweet boy is embracing it! And perhaps an Elvis hairstyle, too!