Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mayo, plzzzz!

Yesterday Caleb was feeling ok - just low energy. He enjoyed lot of snuggles and long naps. The steroids have him craving VERY UN usual things - even things he never liked before. Mayo straight from the bottle being on top of his list! Thanks to mommy, he gets one squirt a day from his very own bottle. It's even all natural and organic! Dear friend, Beth is helping the "Cooks" cook up healthy snacks and making veggies fun. This homemade soup complimented the mayo beautifully! :) Today he was sporting the entire U of H Cougar fashion line thanks to a special friend working to cheer him up. This little cougar may just stay a cougar!

Yummy MAYO!

Ms. Beth taking request!

 Heathly eating!
Go Coooogs!


  1. What an awesome little boy, he must inspire your family in ways you can't put in words. Their is no more courage of spirit and display of character than being with someone who has every right to complain but doesn't. God bless Caleb and also your family for being such an awesome support system for Caleb.

  2. My daughter wanted potato chips during induction. Now she wants donuts. Why can't they crave blueberries and green tea?