Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Smile and Sanitize...

Today Caleb met up with a wonderful photographer who volunteers for the Periwinkle Foundation,  an organization that enhances young cancer patients lives.   He got some sweet pictures of Caleb and will use the pictures to chronicle his journey through cancer.  Can't wait to get those to share!   Caleb's back is pretty sore today from the spinal tap.  Mommy and daddy got a bit of extra exercise today carrying a sore little boy around.   Sweet to love on him but certainly a work out on some tired back muscles.   Here are a few pics from the photo shoot - beautiful sky!

At home, he was jazzed about getting some fun and practical gifts from mommy's co-workers today.  The kindergarten home-school stuff and sanitizing gifts were a big hit.  Big brother,  Zachary,  has launched a new campaign to promote Hand Sanitizer to Caleb!  He is convinced that it is this families new best friend - watch out germs!!!!  Gotta love that kid - hand sanitizer has never looked so fun!


  1. Praying everyday for Caleb, and the enire family. Diana

  2. Zachary is an awesome big brother!!!!!