Sunday, September 29, 2013

Home Schoolin' & Playin' Doctor....

Caleb was sooooo excited about kindergarten this year and then was devastated that he wouldn't be able to go back to school when he got sick.  As it turns out, school is coming to him!  His big brothers kinder teacher has graciously insisted that she be his at home teacher!  Such a blessing- she comes with all sorts of kinder learning tools and even dresses up.  Note the Kinder ROCKS t-shirt.  

Cal is loving coconut milk these days.  Sweet friend, Katina brought Cal a treat of fresh coconut milk!

These days playin' doctor is part of the gig for the Cook family.  Caleb gets daily "flushes" of his IV line.  Daddy and big brother give mommy a break and get in on the fun- using a lose definition of the word here!  Daddy is up for the challenge and Zach looks cute and so very official in his gloves and mask!  

Lots of changes going on but making the best of the situation!  Please continue to pray for healing, strength, rest and courage!


  1. Mrs. McDonald at home!! Kinder can't get much better than that. Keeping you in our prayers. Love the Teels

  2. Daddy and Zach are brave! I'm seriously impressed. And Caleb is super strong. Sending lots of love and prayers all the time from Knoxville!