Friday, September 20, 2013

You will see a smile....

Mommy reports that today is a much better day for Caleb - yeah!!! That is sure to make your heart smile. They are thrilled to report his attitude and acceptance of the situation is MUCH improved. Child Life has been busy today educating Caleb about his disease and helping him to understand it - in a five year old boy sort of way. This proved to be fun and messy. They drew dots to represent the cells on a large sheet of paper, hung it on the wall and then shot paint through the syringe at the bad cells! Fun stuff for a little boy who is trying to make sense of the last week! This little project also created some colorful polka dot floors but well worth the mess.

Ahhhhh, that smile! :)

He also attended pill swallowing school and received a certificate of accomplishment. This little guy swallowed 8 pills - serious progress!!! Well on his way to being a champion pill swallower. And again, he was in much better spirits about it!

Chemo went well today. Caleb kept his little fingers and mind busy on the ipad during treatment. And here is the cutest treatment picture on the planet....

Thankful for a better day!


  1. Great Job Caleb!!! keep it up!!
    sending lots of hugs and prayers your way...

    Ms. Raquel, Chelsea and Kristal Gonzales

  2. So thrilled today was a better day!! Saying lots of prayers for Caleb and his family.

    Rhonda and Gordon Thomas

  3. Great to see him smiling!!! Yay!! Great day! Keep it up!

  4. Praying for your family and Caleb.

  5. So thankful today was a better day! Hudson can't wait to get back on the little league fields with him again (and to see him at CCA!) Much love and many blessings, The Davenport Family

  6. Caleb: I have been reading your story to my two dogs..Butch Cassidy is a Jack Russel Terrier mixed with a chihuahua, and he told me to tell you to be brave.

    Butch had to get really painful shots because when I got him, he had heart worms. He was infected by a mosquito that bit him after it bit a dog that already had heart worms. Humans can't get them when a skeeter bites them, but dogs can if their humans don't give the medicine to make sure they don't.

    The treatment for heart worms is shots that are very painful, much like the chemo you get in the IV. Your mom is there to take the very best care of you, just like I did Butch. And Butch had a sister at home to help him feel better...her name is Roxxy. It helps to have a sibling waiting for you when you get home.

    I have a cat too, but he doesn't pay much attention when I read to him, so Mortimer just hopes you feel better soon.

    Listen to your mom, dad and the doctors, and you will do just great. And maybe your mom will let me post pictures of Butch and Roxxy wishing you to get well. They'll probably just slobber but I think you'll understand.

    Thinking of you Caleb. Becky, Butch Cassidy, Roxxy and Mortimer.