Monday, November 24, 2014

Home for the Holidays!

Our family used to just sing songs about "being home for the holidays", but that has more meaning than ever to us right now.  Caleb is up & out of this bed!  While it has been a tough time, he's gaining more strength each day.  This beautiful prayer blanket, with courageous lions and big cats, helped surround him with love.  (THANKS JILL & PAUL!)
We feel incredibly blessed that Caleb's fever finally took a hike, instead of a spike! 
 Unfortunately, Caleb's blood counts have started falling again.  We feel like it's a miracle he's home, but we just found out during his check-up in the Cancer Center today that his counts have bottomed out, so that means many extra precautions.  He's quarantined to home, probably for a few weeks.  We haven't had the heart to tell him that we've had to cancel our Thanksgiving plans in the metroplex, but we plan to make it extra special for him here at home, to make up for it. 
Caleb has been restricted from visitors, but luckily got to see his wonderful teacher, as well as the Head of his School!  That really helped cheer him up.

We were so happy when they rolled Caleb out of the hospital, but it is with mixed emotions, as we are concerned about how vulnerable he is to germs right now.  Caleb has also lost weight, so it's time to try to pack on the pounds with holiday goodies! 
This cancer journey is so bizarre.  We never know what to expect, but are very thankful for an incredible medical team, who helps us stay on top of it all.

The morning Caleb was hospitalized, he played in his Championship baseball game. He loved being on a winning team and was so happy to make several hits during his last game of the season.  We never would've guessed, only a few hours later, his condition would dramatically change so quickly. 

That is why we have promised each other as a family to cherish every moment and to count our many blessings.  We have made a vow to appreciate every healthy moment and to pray harder every day of the week to protect Caleb during his remaining three years of treatment.  I ran across this special poem and wanted to share part of it with you.  It's a prayer we'll be sharing in a few days on Thanksgiving.  We're certainly thankful for you, our dear family and friends.  Thanks for being the people we can always count on to pray for Caleb.  We hope you have a special week filled with love and many blessings.   

Cherished Ritual
Lord, as we pause in our busy lives
to gather around the Thanksgiving table,
sharing the precious bond among family and friends,
let us remember that this abundant harvest,
this feast of delicious and nourishing dishes
is the fulfillment of our faith
that You will always provide for us.
We thank You
for the joy and happiness you give us, to lift us up,
and also for the sometimes difficult lessons and challenges
You give us to make us stronger, better,
and more aware of our need for You.
Thank you for the support and courage You give us
to get through troubled times.
Thank You for answered prayers
and also for the times You said "no,"
to keep us from stumbling off Your path for us.
We know that in all things,
You are working for our good.
Now, as we draw together in unity
to savor this wonderful dinner,
we are thankful for those who prepared it,
for those who join us to enjoy it,
and most of all, we thank You, Lord,
for the many different kinds of blessings
You continually grant us.
We pray that You'll bless this food,
and bless all of us as we gather together.
In Jesus' name we pray; Amen.
By Joanna Fuchs


  1. Blessed to know you all!!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING from our family to your's. What a blessing he's home! Gobble Gobble, XXXOOO The Greens

  2. God is good ALL THE TIME! Great news to hear Caleb is home! God Bless you guys! Love ya, Alice Webb

  3. We're so thankful Caleb is home & pray God will bring his blood count back up & protect him from germs. May joy reign in your home as you cozy up together this Thanksgiving holiday.

  4. I'm so glad to hear this! I'm sure you will make the most of the holiday ... Special and memorable. God's peace.

  5. PRAYING for a happy, healthy, smooth sailing Thanksgiving!
    Always watching the blog and praying...
    You are loved!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!! Praise God he is home but will continue to pray daily for higher blood counts. Love to all of you!

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  8. Great news! We will keep praying. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Home for the Holidays is great news! Praying for Caleb's blood counts to march upward and those nasty mouth sores to disappear! Happy Thanksgiving!
    love & hugs,
    Susan & Joe