Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just breathe...

That's what I had to keep reminding myself to do at the hospital, today!  It's not a good feeling when your child's room is "reserved for anaphylactic medications"!  

Hard on the nerves to read the sign, but good to know a well-trained staff is ready to reverse reactions, since it's such a prevalent problem.  Loving nanny Nicole encourages Caleb to eat a snack. 
Armed with multiple Epi-pens and monitoring closely for reactions, Caleb's medical team was prepared to combat a potentially life-threatening allergy from this type of chemo. Our nurse told us to all watch for itching, hives, a cough, swollen lips, etc.  Of course, the first time Caleb scratched his leg, I almost had a panic attack! :-)  He didn't know about possible reactions, so he wasn't doing it to give me a hard time either... although I'm sure he would've loved to do that since he's fairly ornery on his steroids right now.  :-)

Emotions were running high throughout the process.  All you can do in a situation like that is hope for the absolute best and be prepared for the worst.  Oh, and just breathe!  Praying helped a lot, and I believe that's the reason we didn't  have to go to "Plan B".  I hugged Courage the Lion just as much as Caleb did today. :-)

Few smiles this week from our typically enthusiastic boy.
There is still a risk of anaphylactic shock for two more weeks, but an Epi-pen won't leave his side.  We feel confident this is NOT going to happen.  

It's been a tough week.  Even steroids haven't helped much with appetite, as Cal has been nauseous & has had a tough time keeping food down.  I take back what I said.  It would be my HONOR to make him fish and pancakes, with an extra helping of syrup on the side!  :)

Thanks for all of your words of encouragement this week.  As God promises & my mom often reminds me, "This too, shall pass."


  1. lol from r2 and jr...glad to see the procedure successful.

  2. Thinking of you, praying for Cal and all of you. We love you each sooooo very much! Please call whenever you need. Remember that we are 6 hours later, so we can talk in the early morning hours :)
    I just know that his appetite will return, with a ferocious vengeance! I will start looking for recipes for sardine pancakes with marshmallow maple fluff... xxoooo
    - Auntie Beth

  3. Thank you God for being by the side of this strong little warrior.

  4. Be STRONG and take COURAGE!! The BATTLE BELONGS to the LORD!!

    Been praying all week long!!!