Monday, February 10, 2014

So Many Prayers...

Caleb is doing great!  Clinic went well today.  He feels good, he feels strong, he’s happy. His counts are way up, and we believe his body is ready for the next heavy-duty round of chemotherapy. 
Encouraging words from Cal's nurse and Child Life Specialist & using a heat pack to warm up his hand before blood work.
We have taken a lot of quiet time the past week to pray for others suffering from the results of cancer.  We're devastated to learn a boy diagnosed with leukemia the same week as Caleb lost his battle.  He was doing great on chemo, but with low counts, couldn’t recover from an infection. 
Plus the adult daughter of one of our dear friends is now under the care of Hospice because of cancer.  Our hearts weep for them, yet both of these families still find the time to give us encouraging words.  We can’t get over their strength.   
Caleb got an amazing new reward system today, courtesy of one of my dear friends I grew up with.  (Thanks Rita!) 
His “Caleb’s Courage” necklace allows him to add a bead every time he goes in for treatment.  Everything from lion beads to super stars, & even bright, smiley faces.  Each bead will have quite a story behind it.  It will be an amazing keepsake for Caleb to share with his own children someday, to show them all that he went through and how many times he went through it. When Rita and I turned Sweet 16 together, we never would've believed she'd be offering this type of support one day.

Next week is HUGE for Caleb.  He will begin the toughest treatment that he’ll have to endure.  We haven’t told him and aren’t sure how to prepare him.  We’re just praying more and hoping he’ll pick up on it.  We don’t want to unnecessarily worry him.  Next Monday, he'll undergo a spinal tap and begin a very powerful chemo.  This is why he recently had his heart tested, to make sure his body can endure it.  It’s a bright red medication that will make his tears and urine turn orange or red.  We know this is going to scare him, but we’re already thinking of funny things to say to make him laugh about it.  Unfortunately, older patients have nicknamed the drug, “The Red Devil”, just to give you an idea of how tough it can be.  The potential side effects and warning labels are too overwhelming to even think about.  

As for specific prayer requests, please consider asking God to help keep Caleb strong enough to comfortably endure the next few months.  Please pray for the Lopez family and the Conner’s, whose hearts are breaking right now.  We know there is a very real God who is watching over all of us.  Thank you for caring about our little guy and these other deserving families. 


  1. Always praying for Caleb and your family Melissa. Tears flow when I read your posts, it saddens me that your family or any family is experiencing this awful disease, but continue to have faith, continue to believe, continue to pray, God is all around us. Praying that you and your family have the strength and the courage to endure next weeks regime. Lifting Caleb in prayer. God bless you always.

  2. I will be praying for you all as you prepare for this next round of chemo. I was thinking about you today & wondering how you were all doing. May God give you peace, strength & just the right words to comfort Caleb!

  3. We will continue to lift Caleb and your family up in prayer. We will also add those sweet families that you mentioned. We will pray not only for his strength and health, but yours!! Take good care of yourself sweet friend. Hugs to all!! The Stibas

  4. Prayers continue for you all, Melissa. Will pray for an extra dose of strength and courage for Caleb in the coming weeks and months. We are holding you all close to our hearts.
    Susan & Joe

  5. I have spent most of the afternoon reading through this blog, with water eyes and a saddened heart I pray that GOD here's all the prayers! I'm only a stranger, but I know there is strength in numbers so I will be praying for Caleb and your family. Nadia

  6. "Rise up, this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it." Ezra 10:4

    Still praying...still trusting...still believing!! We love you, Caleb!!

  7. You are in my thoughts and prayers pretty much all the time. I look forward to celebrating when all of this is in your rear view mirror!
    Love you!