Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Caleb's blood levels have stabilized, so he was able to receive his much needed round of chemo today, just a lower dose than originally planned.

Cal actually seemed to enjoy watching the bright colors light up on the monitor during his heart sonogram.  Hearing those heart sounds was unexpectedly emotional for me.  It's the similar sound you hear during pregnancy of that tiny heartbeat.  I was glad the lights were dimmed low, as Cal can't stand it when I get sad! All I could think about were the dreams I had for him before he was born and how glad I am that I didn't know then what I know now. I wouldn't have wanted to foresee what he'd be going through his Kindergarten year.
Caleb was relaxed during his medical tests.
We were surrounded by children suffering severely today.  Cal's loving nurse reminded me that Caleb's destiny is his very own (in other words, don't compare his situation to others).  They were reassuring words I desperately needed.  His doctor reassured us even more.  

Here's something fun to share with you.  I didn't know a pair of socks could be so meaningful, but check out these "Note to Self's"!  
They're positive affirmations - phrases to say to yourself to build confidence and train your mind.
When Caleb's at the hospital or not feeling all that great, we think it's wonderful for him to read "I am amazing".  We'd much rather him be thinking that, than "I'm sick."
His other new socks say, "I am strong" & "I am perfectly me."  Thanks to the special Stiba fam for these!  What a find... so unique and appreciated.  Caleb loves them! 
We watched the sun go down over the Texas Medical Center tonight.  Sure has been a long day. The comforts of home have never felt so good.


  1. So thankful Caleb was able to get his chemo. I can only imagine the "unexpected emotional moment" as a mom. My prayer is that God sends his comfort and strength to you all. PS. Love the socks! Super cool. Heather Mize and crew

  2. Melissa thankful Caleb was able to go through with his chemo. Your words touched me to the core. Continue to pray for Caleb and his family. May God be with you always. Remember it's okay to get emotional, you are Caleb's mom. You've been so strong through all of this. Take care of yourself.

  3. People always say "I don't know how you do it" and they mean well for sure but the thing is this, when you have to be strong you JUST ARE. I know you don't want to be strong somedays but trust me, one day you'll look back and say to yourself "I did it, I made it through" and you'll be a little amazed with yourself and you should be. God loves Cal and will hold him tight. I think about and pray for your family.