Monday, March 24, 2014

A Lil' Texas Tornado...

Just blowing us away!  We can't believe Caleb's progress, so we're going to nickname him the Comeback Kid!  It MUST be because of your prayers!

Caleb came down with a respiratory infection on Friday that immediately turned into a severe seal-like/barking cough.  We were in contact with the hospital & had our bags packed, in anticipation of a hospital stay.  However, each time his fever rose, it would soon break, and he got to heal at home!  We shared a long, comfy weekend in bed, playing Legos & table ping-pong. 

Instead of Where's Waldo?  It's Where's Caleb?  When it gets really quiet in the house, we know it's time to go cover him up and "tuck him in".  Just like when he was a baby, I miss him when he's napping.

 Caleb naps in the oddest places, as he tends to just "drop in place" when he's tired... including the kitchen floor, while I'm cooking all of his seafood!  

This means our floors have to remain "squeaky clean".

Unfortunately, Cal's illness cost him a very unique opportunity to throw the first pitch to open his Little League's season.  It was such an honor for him to be asked, & he was sad to miss it, along with his new team's first t-ball game.  He hasn't had the strength YET to make a practice, but we can't wait to post a picture of him wearing his Oriole's uniform!  We just know it will happen sometime this season (he already has his doctor's stamp of approval.)  

David got to be there for his spinal tap.

 Caleb's treatments took TWELVE hours at Texas Children's Hospital today!  Doctors sure have figured out how to fight leukemia!  He received four different types of chemotherapy... three new ones.  Two were given by IV, one type is a pill he'll take each day for the next few weeks. The other was injected into his spine during his spinal tap.  (That went incredibly well by the way!  Whew!  As difficult as those procedures have been, it has to be prayer that spared us drama!  Of course, we appreciate the amazing skills of his doc, as well!)  Caleb received four hours of IV fluids to flush his little kidneys, so that he won't suffer long-term damage from the drugs' powerful punch.

Now a home health nurse will help us administer chemo almost EVERY day (into the port in his chest) for the next two weeks. 

I try my best to keep fear at bay, but admit I was overwhelmed driving to the hospital today... mostly because of the unknown of what to expect from side effects over the next few weeks.  My darling sis-in-law lovingly reminded me to put all of my fears in God's hands.  Thanks Donna!  It worked.

It's hard to stay on the "outside" of his bed"... while nurses prep him for his procedure.

My dear friend, Mary Jo, lit the candle in the middle & prayed with us through Cal's chemo...

Caleb really looked deeply into this photo and seemed to take it "very seriously" that this was glowing in a nearby chapel for him.
Plus Zach's class sent us this special message of encouragement (Thanks Ms Munoz, sweet students, & Heather - videographer/editor extraordinaire!) (You'll need to copy & paste into your browser to view the vid.)

The boy's school also held a parental prayer meeting last week, & I understand it was very powerful. David was able to take off work to be there, but Zach took David to their daily chapel, & he unknowingly missed the meeting in another part of the building.  (He thought he was the only parent to show up.)  A big thanks to everyone who took time out of their day for Caleb and our family.
Please know we were there in spirit, and we appreciate you so much.  Believe me, your prayers were answered today, as everything went so smoothly.

I didn't last long hugging him through bars on his bed... it was a pleasant day of snuggles.

We just got home, and Cal is in his own bed now.  He has a splitting headache and is too nauseous to take anything for his head or for his upset stomach.  He hasn't had a bite to eat or a sip to drink all day.  Hopefully he'll make up for that tomorrow!  Time to go administer one of the most important treatments of the day:  TLC.
 We're at peace because of you all, and soon the worst should be behind us. Thank you.


  1. I continue to think about you and pray for you guys! Please let me know if I can do more! XOXO! Steph

  2. My Daughter Nicole has her check up appt today. She has been free from treatment for 2yrs now and is thriving. As I read and keep up with Caleb's progress I can't help but be reminded of her journey that Caleb is now on. I pray for Caleb to continue to respond well to the chemo. Keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Thinking of you and your whole family Melissa. Keep fighting the good fight!