Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Who Needs Hair?!

As expected, it's been the toughest week yet for Caleb.  He has suffered from significant leg & lower spine pain.  In his words, "This is the worst pain I have ever felt in my whole entire life ever."  All 6 years of it!  Caleb's doctor ordered an x-ray, just to make sure everything's OK, and it is!  The pain is just a mean side-effect from chemo.  The great thing about children is their resilience.  Caleb will be curled up in a ball with the heating pad one minute, then laughing and playing chase with his big bro the next.  Plus - with a break from chemo this week, he's feeling much better!  Even "Big Red" chemo can't completely stop this kiddo in his tracks.

All it took was three rounds of "Big Red" to take all of Caleb's hair though.  That has been tough and I'll spare you details, but he didn't want to shave it, so our family had to witness the loss of every single strand.  Caleb wanted to sleep in a hat every night and no matter how many times we reminded him that "bald is beautiful" or re-explained unconditional love from his family, friends, and of course God - nothing seemed to change this strong-willed child's mind that he was taking his cap off in the tub or bed.

THEN something magical happened. 
Here we go...

Looking great after!

15 boys from Caleb and Zach's school shaved their heads, to make Caleb feel like he's not alone!  I'm sure they knew it would touch his life, but I don't think anyone could ever imagine the huge impact this would have on him.... all at the loving hands of Corey Waters, while our darling friend, Heather Mize, shot the video... hope you can see it (though you may have to copy & paste the link):    http://animoto.com/play/uGCTRP5oelI1XuGZuFJ5qQ  

There are no words that can describe our gratitude to the boys and their parents who allowed their sons to do this.  They enriched Caleb's life in a touching, selfless, Godly way. 
"Thank you" seems too weak to say, for this giving act.  We are so thankful for these boys & for their leader and example, Mr. Waters. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. 
Going... going...

Gone.  Look at all of that hair.  What a great sport.  We know that had to be hard to do.
Two of my colleagues from Fox 26 are also shaving their heads next weekend for St. Baldrick's in Caleb's name, & to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research.  Thank you Raymond Ramirez & David Canada.  Raymond has actually been growing his hair out since Caleb's diagnosis in September, in anticipation of the event.  It will help make a beautiful wig for someone in need.  I know everyone, who is going bald for Caleb, will have to deal with looking different for a while, but what a wonderful thing to do for not only Cal, but for thousands of other innocent children.  I know they'll all be rewarded in life for this act of kindness.  Here are links to my colleague's efforts:


Caleb is shy of the camera right now, but I want to share with you how far he's come since these special boys & men helped out.  Caleb usually draws smiley faces with funny crazy hair.  Look at the note he made for me yesterday:

Caleb's "self portrait" is missing the spiked hair he usually draws, but look at that BIG smile.  He's a happy, well-adjusted boy, and he's going to be alright!  He slept without his cap the last few days and hasn't even put one on ALL day today.  Progress feels so good!

We're learning important life's lessons, like hair really is over-rated.  Bald IS beautiful.  I adore kissing the top of Caleb's soft scalp now.  Hair doesn't have to define us.  Caleb is figuring this out.  While tucking him in last night, in the still and silent darkness he said, "Cancer is making me be a real strong boy, right Mommy?"  Oh yes, it is my child, and I can't wait to see what type of man you're going to turn out to be, because of it!


  1. Yes you are Caleb, a strong, courageous young boy. Melissa, I am beside myself as I read your post tonight. Caleb and your family continue to be in my prayers. What a sweet boy you have. May God's love and peace always surround the family. And what a beautiful gesture of support for Caleb, God bless all the boys and men shaving their hair. So touching.

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Your family is definitely in my prayers.

  3. Hang in there mommy , you are doing a wonderful job with your sweet Caleb. I continue to keep Caleb , you , your family and all of the doctors , nurses and ancillary staff in my prayers . Hugs to all of you . Robin Dillard and family

  4. Beautifully written. Thank you, so much, for sharing this journey with us.

  5. Caleb you are strong and will be over this really soon. Your faith and your Mom will not let you give up. I pray every day for you to beat this and become a baseball player for Baylor. Make the pro's and retire at 35. God does help those who help themselves and you are proving that every day.

  6. Melissa for some reason myself and others haven't been receiving your updates. Last one I received was March 4th. I have some reading to do. Looks like the blog page is different. I've been worried not hearing anything. Love Stacy Green