Monday, April 21, 2014

Because He Lives...

We can face tomorrow!  Easter must be just what the doctor ordered for Caleb!  He got to attend his first church service in seven months... because it was a sunrise service!

No usual concerns of germs for Cal's compromised immune system in this beautiful outdoor space.  Earlier, the sky was streaked with pink, birds were chirping, & it was a magical place to be, just picturing how Jesus rose again. We all needed that.
Our lil' Easter Bunny.
 Caleb also enjoyed the silly side of Easter & really had a blast with family!  
We dyed dozens of eggs.  Fun, fun.
Starring from left to right:  Cal, Zach, Mommy, & Daddy & all of our pets.
 It was a blessing to experience egg hunts with both sets of grandparents. 
Adventures with little cousins.

Thanks to both families for making it so memorable.
Caleb's blood levels jumped up this week, which is fantastic!  No more transfusions this time.  There was a chance it would take several more weeks for him to recover, but he's right on track.  What a blessing! 

Comforting a nauseous little guy.  Cal is enjoying his soft baseball blanket from one of my dad's high school friends.  Thanks, Doris.
Unfortunately,  it was a tough spinal tap today, but Caleb had his big brother there to help get him through it!
Some serious brotherly love.
Zachary even got to help peel off stickers from monitors, & Cal thought that was cool. 

"Dr. Z" lends a helping hand.
Zach was such a "little man" today.  I am incredibly proud of him, because it was a long, hard day, & he took it all like a champ.  He could've spent his last day of Easter break having fun with friends, but he chose family at the hospital first (Wow.) 
 Caleb got chemo injected into his spine and then two other types by IV.  He has slept most of the day, & Zach and I got plenty of snuggles. 

A few highlights from last week:  a new invention from a friend at the boy's school.  Since our hands get so dry with constant washing, he came up with this ingenious idea:  Soshen!  

 It's soap & lotion, all-in-one.  Gotta love that. Thanks, Ben. Beautiful handmade cross by his brother Grant. Great job guys.
Last but not least, Caleb got to meet up with his Kindergarten class for the first time since September at the Houston Zoo!!!!  That was huge for him.  He was a little shy about having to ride in a stroller, but just being in the wide outdoors and with people who've supported him so deeply, it was a perfect day for him!  

So fun to see his little buddies again.
After the zoo, they presented him with a scrapbook all the students in his class have been making for him all year long, so he will feel like he's part of the class.  Incredibly special to him. 
Caleb's nausea hasn't let up this evening.  Gripping his little bag in case he got sick, he said, "Mommy, can you please pray?"  I whispered quiet prayers in his ear until he said, "I think I'm going to be okay, now."  Yes you are, precious angel.  Your deep faith is going to make you MORE than okay.  He drifted back off to sleep and is still fast asleep now.  He looks so peaceful.   


  1. Prayers for Caleb! I can only say that I am so very proud to have you as my sister in law! Could not think of anyone better to be taking care of my precious nephew! Please take care of yourself!

  2. This brought tears to my eyes once again. Thanks for sharing. Continuing to pray for all of you.
    Jim,Sandy,Kelsey and Lauren Thomas

  3. Sweet Caleb, I'm so happy that he was able to enjoy Easter! What touching pictures Melissa. They speak a million words. Caleb and Zach are two very lucky little boys to have such a brave, loving and caring mom. Always praying for the entire family. May God continue to bless you.

  4. Keeping up with your family every week. Keeping you all in prayer. You are a wonderful mom!! :) Cynthia (Deer Park)

  5. The bravery of Cal is not described with words and what about his awesome brother!! What great kids you have.