Monday, April 28, 2014

Peachy Keen!

All things considered, Caleb has been "peachy keen" the past week.  Positive affirmations definitely seem to make a difference, including these shoes, of all things.  :)  
They're personalized and hand-painted by "Peach's Neet Feet".  We think they're adorable & special!  Peach's motto is "from our heart to your sole".  If you know of other sick children, who would enjoy them, you can check out:   :)

Of course, they feature Caleb's fav - baseball.
He likes football too.  :)  Trinity Lutheran School in Houston sponsored the project & surprised us.  The shoes have Peach's signature "peach" on the shoestrings.  :)

No chemo today - we're waiting until Wednesday, to find out if Cal's counts are high enough for more treatments this week. 

It was an exciting weekend for Caleb!  Something so special happened to him, I simply must share it with you.  It's a heart-warming, beautiful tale of a 9-year old boy with a big heart!  One of Zachary's best buds, Ty, has been raising money, one quarter at a time, by making those popular "rainbow loom" bracelets, then selling them.  
Caleb, Ty, & Zach
Ty has been working on this project for weeks & saving every penny of it for Caleb!  He invited Cal to join his team, the (junior) Skeeter's, along with the actual minor league Sugar Land Skeeter's, on Constellation Field!  It was a magical Friday night for our fam.

Posing with THE Skeeter.  
Ty used his newly raised funds to buy Caleb a Skeeter's shirt, cap, and baseball.  Cal still can't believe how "cool that is".  Ty touched all of our hearts, and we hope he knows what a difference he made in Caleb's life.  Cal couldn't imagine saving that much money, so he really "gets" what a big deal it was.  There's no way it would've meant that much to him, if we had bought those items. 
Runnin' back, after the National Anthem, with the big and even bigger "boys".
Fun to see the players "up close and personal". 

 Cal also conjured up enough strength to play in his t-ball game Saturday morning! 
All smiles!  He LOVES being on that field!
We don't know where he goes "inside" to pull out the energy it takes to run those bases, because he had a hard time just walking back to the car.  It doesn't come naturally or easily, like it used to, but that sure doesn't stop him from going back for more. 
That determined look makes us so proud, & we know he has to "dig deep" to make it happen.  His coaches and teammates are very supportive.  It's very touching and helpful.

I believe Ty and Caleb are both great examples and reminders to us all, that we can do anything we set our minds to, especially when we look up to God and rely on Him to help us.  It reminds me of Galatians 6:9  "Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up."  Caleb is fighting the good fight.  Even on his sickest days, when he's suffering typical leg pain from chemo, is feeling weak, and has a very small appetite, he doesn't let any of that completely slow him down.


  1. Love the shoes!! Caleb is touching so many lives with his story of faith, hope and courage. It is just wonderful to see him on the baseball field, just being a little boy! I love you Caleb, Auntie Donna

  2. Soooo precious! Love that his spiritual health is excellent and contagious! :)
    The Roths

  3. Thank you Lord! I'm thrilled to hear that your sweet family had a wonderful weekend. We will continue to pray for good numbers on Wednesday and for Caleb to be completely cured. Much love! -Kelly, Mike and Pierce

  4. What an awesome update, I love hearing that Caleb is having some little boy fun as all boys should. You and your husband are doing a fine job of keeping it as normal as possible which must be so hard. I hope you guys know what awesome parents you are and how much easier you're making it for Caleb going through this terrible illness. I hope you give yourselves a little "exhale" time every now and then. Caleb is a huge example to us all but then again so are you. Prayers.