Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The ROAR is back...

Caleb is doing GREEEEAT!  (Oh wait, it's Tony the Tiger, who says that.)  :)   It was a long day at the hospital today, but even Cal's nurses know how much he likes lions these days.  Check out the cool one a nurse drew on Cal's "port", where he gets his blood drawn & chemo.  Pretty cool, huh?  Sure made him smile! 
 Doctors took cells from Caleb's spine today to make sure that no sneaky cancer cells are making their way back in.  We feel confident they wouldn't dream of coming back!  It's always difficult to tell our little one "good night" before anesthesia, but so much fun to attempt waking him up. 
Caleb LOVES riddles, so I tried every one in the book.  None of them worked.
Daddy David tried gruff kisses & hugs and funny nibbles on the ear.  That didn't work.
Brother Zach was just his funny self, and got him to wake up.  I'm sure it helped that he "peeked" under Cal's eyelids.  ha ha.

We got some EXCELLENT news today!  Caleb's weekly chemotherapy will end soon, and he'll get to go to the hospital every other week, by July.  The worst of this is ALMOST over.  Lots of challenges ahead, like swallowing chemo pills at home, but his blood counts should start to rise, and for the first time in 9 months, he'll be able to go SOMEWHERE INDOORS, in public!  No more babysitters for us just to go to the grocery store or to run an errand.  No more cabin fever for Caleb.  We can see such a bright light at the end of the tunnel.  It's hard to believe Caleb has three more years of chemotherapy, and we know there will still be many challenges along the way, but we truly feel the worst is almost behind him and us, since cancer truly affects the entire family. 
It's a HUGE blessing to have Zach out of school now, as he made me laugh most of the day.  He was also VERY entertaining for his little brother.
Thanks for being by our sides through all of this and for your love and support.  YOU have helped us get through this.  Wish I could hug all of your sweet necks through this computer, because we couldn't have done it without you and your prayers.  You are so good.  God is so great.  God bless.  


  1. Doing backflips with ya- super exciting news!!!!
    -the Roths

  2. WOW!!! PRAISE THE LORD!! What a ride this has been! Love seeing your faithfulness and strength, but most of all watching GOD show up with some of His own!!! Go God, Go Caleb!!!

  3. What a Blessing!!!!! A M E N! Hugs to ALL! Can not wait to share the news! XXXOOO Love The Green's

  4. Oh Melissa, I am just all smiles reading your post and feeling your enthusiasm. Caleb is SO lucky to have you for his rock, for his support, for your love for him! Your entire family is amazing in your support of Caleb. While we understand he has more ahead to battle, I am encouraged by your post and update. Praise God! Thank you for the excellent news. God is so great, indeed! Much love and many hugs to you and your family! The Pellegrinos

  5. Celebrating this good news with you! God is awesome and Caleb is our HERO~
    Hugs & love,
    Susan & Joe