Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Birthday Boy

Thank you for praying for our boy!   We really feel that Caleb had an incredible birthday last week, because our amazing Lord is listening & looking over him.   
Saying "cheese" with Daddy & Zachary.  Cal got a quick reprieve from chemo side effects, & it was such a welcomed blessing.  He's worn out now, but what a weekend it was.
We cherished a quiet celebration with just our little family of four.  We wanted to savor the special occasion, by sweeping him away from reality.   It was a successful get-away, too!

Before Caleb's cancer diagnosis, we could never figure out why his legs were "too tired" to ride a bicycle.  It finally made sense when we found out it was leukemia making him feel that way.  He learned how to ride his bike on Friday!  We are still so excited about it!   
We kept him on soft dirt and grass, to make sure he wouldn't suffer a serious injury, but he was so thrilled about it.  He rode until he couldn't ride anymore, and is now resting a lot to make up for it.  He says it was well worth it!
Our "neighbor" was a funny alligator, who came to visit us all throughout the weekend.

The boys named him Spiker.  :)
 We surprised Caleb with a horse-drawn carriage ride to breakfast.  He loved it!
We even found a little island to enjoy our picnic lunch.  So serene.
 The birthday celebration will continue this weekend, but this time a reunion with friends.  Caleb is gathering his strength for another round of fun.  This will be the first time to be with all of his buddies in almost a year.  We are so excited for him, we can hardly stand it!  

Caleb did get to see a lot of his buddies for a moment at Kindergarten graduation.  His school is so special!  Since Caleb couldn't go indoors and risk infection, the school came outside to him!  

Very special to have Mrs. Elrod (left), who provided the school plans, along with Mrs. McDonald (right), who taught Caleb all of the material, together at the graduation.  We adore these lovely ladies!
It was a special ceremony and "Graduation for one" for Caleb.  He was pretty overwhelmed by it and got mad at himself for breaking into a few tears on the stage (unusual for this stoic child.)  Since he physically didn't get to go to school, we are so proud of the leaders and teachers, who planned this for him, so that he feels like he has "closure" and really accomplished something through his at-home studies.  God bless all of the special people in our lives. 

This entire week is a celebration of life, along with hopes and dreams for a "new norm" soon, that will take Caleb away from his extreme isolation.   
Cancer has softened this "tough boy's" heart.  He gives so many hugs and kisses now.
  I know he appreciates you all very much.  We read him all of your special comments through this blog, so thank you for everything.  You are a part of this "Celebration Week", because we know Caleb wouldn't be where he is today, without your love and prayers. 


  1. I am so glad he had a fantastic birthday..We will continue to pray for him and your family..God Bless every one of Melissa..Caleb you stay strong and this to shall pass..

  2. Happy Birthday Caleb!!! So glad to read about all the wonderful things that happened for him. Special birthday celebration with his loving family and a kindergarten graduation, how great is that! May God bless Caleb with many, many, many more special birthdays! Melissa, I continue to pray for your family. May you and your family always have an abundance of all good things in life. God bless you.

  3. Happy Birthday, Caleb, and congratulations on your kindergarten graduation! Stay strong and keep up the good work. Wishing you another Happy Birthday Party with your big brother Zach. God Bless!

    Pat B

  4. God Bless y'all, I know God has this and will strengthen your little family. I hope y'all enjoy your first weekend of Summer Vacation! God Bless and Keep Y'all.

  5. "With hope you gain courage. With courage you gain confidence, and with confidence there are no limits to what you can do". Anonymous quote - Happy Birthday !!!

  6. So glad to see all the wonderful pictures and Caleb's precious smile! Your graduation was very special, for a special little blessing. Prayers continue for you, Zachary, mom and dad! God is Good! See you in a few weeks! Love Auntie Donna

  7. Even though Caleb is small now his presence and spirit is 11 feet tall. He makes me want to be a better man and is a shining example of being courageous in a very tough situation. My prayers are that God hold Caleb and his family close.