Monday, July 21, 2014

Family Camp

Caleb is doing great this week!  He's still feeling strong from his steroid boost.  He's very much in the "shock & awe" phase that he can go to any and all public places.  

When Caleb was restricted to home, he never complained, but he would always ask about what "happened inside there" when Zachary went to a popular entertainment center.  Now he knows!  

 Trying to make up for lost time, Caleb wants to try new antics on the ropes course & play laser tag EVERY DAY.  He takes "seeing the world through the eyes of a child" to a whole new level right now!  So much fun! 

Caleb loves hangin' out close to the ceiling.  :)
The boys had fun celebrating their dad's birthday last week, and we enjoyed a "staycay" together. 

Here's a sneak peek... Look out below! 


They eventually talked David & I into joining them under that rush of water, but we're still thinking it was more fun to witness it, than experience it, ha! ha! 

It's going to be incredibly quiet around our home this week.  The boys are at "Family Camp" in the metroplex with David's family. 

This photo just in from "camp"... tie-dye t-shirts!
Lots of swimming will be involved...
They're loving quality time with family and just having fun being kids.  We're thankful that we have loving family members to offer them this incredible time.  It's also reassuring to know that Caleb is in competent hands for his daily chemo. 

David & I have "date nights" planned every day this week.  It will be a time to focus on one another, which has been close to impossible this past year. 

Psalm 107:28-30 Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress. He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed. Then they were glad that the waters were quiet, and he brought them to their desired haven. 

Thank you, precious Jesus, for this reprieve from illness for our family. 


  1. Amen Melissa. So happy to hear that Caleb is doing much better and enjoying himself. Please do enjoy yourself with your husband. You both deserve it! May God continue to bless you and your family. An abundance of all things goods be yours.

  2. Glad to hear the Cooks are having so much fun! Such a fabulous thankful attitude.

  3. Caleb looks fabulous and so full of life. Thanks to our God for bringing him to this point. And we know He will be with him as he continues to defeat this battle.
    So glad you and David have some time for yourselves this week. Know you have sacrificed a lot over the last year. Enjoy every minute of it and make some new memories for yourselves.
    We love you and pray for you all every day. Donna and Tim

  4. Having a wonderful time at Family Camp!! Swimming, water parks, museum, movies, fireworks, friends, family, sight-seeing, crafts, and lots of love are happening for Caleb, Zachary, Westin, McKinna, and many more!!