Monday, July 28, 2014

Pitter Patter...

It was a quiet week without the boys!  David & I are loving the sound of those little feet running all over the house again.  However time flew for them, as they were having a blast at "family camp" with David's parents, sister, and niece.  (Sister) Donna is a former Kindergarten teacher, so her skills and creativity are an incredible combination for children!  Her daughter, Tara, took after her in the awesome "entertainment" category.  :)

It was a fun week filled with crafts like this stepping stone…

Fun movies...
Golf lessons from one of the greatest... Grandy!
Golfing with Tara & Westin, too!  :)

Muscle time with little cousin Westin... water parks... and oh so much more...
Like teaching Westin how to make funny faces.
 During my quiet time, I took some moments to look back at pictures over the past few years.  

I was surprised to run across this photo from exactly one year ago. It brought back so many not-so-fond memories.
 Looks like Caleb had a long, hard day?

David and I had actually carried him on our backs the entire day at Disney World.   We couldn't figure out why children two or three years younger than him were able to walk, but he couldn't.

That led to six more weeks of doctor's appointments, second and third opinions, and three emergency room visits.  It took a while to finally get his diagnosis, but we just never thought it was something as serious as cancer.

Oh, what a difference a year makes!  Even though Caleb is taking daily chemotherapy, he has twice the energy he did a year ago.  By the way, his long day at the clinic turned out well today!  ;)  

It was like a huge reunion with medical workers & nurses we haven't seen in a while.  It was "celebration time", as everyone noticed the new, beautiful, soft, sweet, pure growth of fresh blonde hair; shades lighter than before.  It's like an angel's halo.  
We found out today that Cal's levels are holding strong, so he's definitely going to start first grade at school.  Hallelujah!  :)
Thank you Jesus for helping us find the right doctors to diagnose Caleb and treat him. Thank you Jesus for getting our son on the right track to recovery.  We're so thankful he's well enough to go away with family and enjoy just being a kid!  

We still pray for all of Caleb's Crusaders, because you are a powerful part of this partnership.  Hope you're enjoying a wonderful summer!  God bless.


  1. Love all the pics and updates!!!! Still praying!!!

  2. We had a blast at "Family Camp" Boys were great! Cal did awesome, this former teacher couldn't keep up with the boys!! Loved spending time with them, and our prayers are still being said for everyone!! Sure is quiet around my house!! Love to all, Auntie Donna

  3. My heart is bubbling with joy after reading your blog today. Caleb looks absolutely gorgeous and so full of life. God has worked beautiful miracles for him. I know 1st grade is going to be a blast. Wish I was going to be there to see his smiling face every day. May God continue to bless each of you and bring Caleb to that place of being completely cleansed of cancer and a future to live his life as a testimony to our faithful, loving God. Love you, Donna

  4. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Prayers continue and I am thrilled that Caleb will be able to go to school! Love you all!