Monday, August 18, 2014

ABC's & 123's

The Lord is amazing!  Caleb is back in school and loving every minute of it!
He adores first grade and has a new caring & loving teacher.

Caleb's first day of class is one of the happiest days we have ever seen him experience.  He was glowing!   These two bros love seeing each other occasionally in the hallways!
David & I both took off work to experience the 1st day. It was overwhelmingly emotional for us all!

Oh glorious day!
Fresh grooming for class!
I thought it was special when Caleb got his very first haircut in life, but this time was even more meaningful!  He just needed a tiny trim & asked me to do it.  What an honor!  Life really is starting to get back to normal!

We had a little scare on Caleb's blood levels dropping the past week, which is why we're still vigilantly praying for his good health.  It was an important reminder to us that we just can't "let down our guard".

We are appreciative of the amazing children at Cal's school, who are surrounding him with love and compassion.  When I had lunch with Caleb on the 1st day of class, dozens of precious 5, 6, and 7 year old students so seriously explained to me how they've been praying for their little friend.   It touched my heart so deeply and made me so thankful. They had the cutest questions for him and were very respectful.  Several commented on how they liked his new hair and asked why it looks different now.  One asked if she could touch it.  So innocent and sweet.

 It was nice to snuggle up and do homework together this afternoon.  The biggest difference was the 16 chemotherapy pills that I had to add to his after-school snack.  He's handling it all like a champ!  There is no doubt in our minds that it's because of the grace of God and because of our prayer warriors.  Thank you for that. 


  1. How sweet it is! I am so happy for the family. May God continue to bless Caleb and the entire family. Blessings for a wonderful, happy, and healthy year.

  2. LOVE THE PICS! What a glorious reminder of how far God has carried all of you!!!
    Still praying!!!!