Monday, August 11, 2014

Just forget about it!

That's what Caleb and Zachary "told cancer" this past week!

Heading off to Camp Periwinkle!  How cool is this for kids?  Their buses had A LOT of corvette escorts & police escorts, all the way from Houston to Burton, Texas!
Camp Periwinkle was a special time of bonding with others who just know & "get" the ups & downs Caleb & Zach have been through the past year.
One of my former colleagues at FOX26 was there & kept me updated about the boys.  That was HUGE.  A big thanks to David Steinhart for that!  Cal liked playing golf, under his direction!
So much fun to be had... from games, constant entertainment, crafts, and sports!  

Of course, the many chances for an adrenaline rush!
Everything at Camp Periwinkle, through Texas Children's Hospital, was just what the doctor ordered!

Caleb's Oncologist, Dr. ZoAnn Dreyer, was right in the middle of the action, as always, lending love & support to all of the siblings, as well!
It was a great way to end the Summer Break.  The boys go back to school in two days.  We're anxious, yet excited for Caleb. He gets to meet his teacher TONIGHT! 

It's going to be a huge adjustment from the last year, so our prayers will be plentiful!  We pray that the transition goes well and that Caleb finds peace in getting to be around other children and that his new schedule isn't overwhelming!  We pray that he can handle his new responsibilities & be able to keep up with other students.  We pray that he just feels like his old self and not "the child with cancer".  God has brought him this far, and we know He'll help get him through this big phase, as well! 

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  1. So glad things are looking up finally. Love reading the updates. Bless those beautiful boys and their parents too!!! May this new school year be a new beginning to you all!!!!! XXXOOO The Greens!