Monday, September 29, 2014

Recovery Mode

Caleb has finally overcome the latest medical scare!  He's home tonight from TCH, recovering from his spinal tap & day of IV chemo.
The procedure went smoothly today.  His Oncologist has tweaked it over & over the past year to customize it for him.  His all-important counts are on the rise, after skipping chemo the past three weeks and he's out of the "danger zone".

Things have been so grim about Caleb's health updates lately, thought you'd enjoy some humor.  He was extremely entertaining with hallucinations, while trying to "shake off" his many medications this afternoon.  He was worried about me because he thought the room kept filling up with smoke & that I should run to protect myself.  He was also disappointed that "his mommy had FOUR eyes".   Oh my!  It's surreal, because tonight, he doesn't remember any of those funny conversations.  That's a blessing though, because it also means he doesn't remember the spinal tap.

Getting some good Daddy lovin'.
 When Caleb woke up once & for all, he thought I was brilliant that I knew exactly what he wanted to eat!  Of course, he didn't remember that he'd given us his "full food wish list" at least a dozen times before, when he was in & out of consciousness.  (Food has been the topic of choice all day, because he hasn't eaten in almost 24 hours.)  Unfortunately, the medications changed his taste buds again, and he couldn't eat the food he was so excited about, after all tonight.

There are a few challenges ahead that we're praying about.  Caleb will continue the same regimen of chemo for the next few months, so we just have to wait & see if it drops his counts again.  We can't help but be concerned that he might have to face another round of bone marrow suppression, but our faith will get us through it.  If it happens again, his chemo doses will be greatly reduced.

Our other concern:  Caleb has been out of school almost a month.  While the transition of going back is big enough after all he's recently been through, it will also be his first time to go to class while taking steroids.  We're just not sure how he'll handle major food cravings & mood swings, but we know God is on his side & will help him get through it.  A great support team will also help.  He certainly has that!
It's Spirit Week at Caleb's school.  Today, the teachers & students dressed up like Super Heroes.   

Our hearts are touched by one teacher, who says Caleb is her hero.
This REALLY made Caleb smile!  :)
Zachary's class actually got on their precious knees to pray for him recently, including teachers and the Head of school.
  5th Graders, who make school announcements, have been praying for Caleb over the intercom again.

Plus, he was surrounded by beautiful cards from his First Grade class before his procedure today.
 With that kind of support, we can't help but believe that Caleb is going to sail through this difficult week & all of the challenges to come.  God bless you all for caring & sharing.


  1. Love you guys!!!! XXXOOO The Green's

  2. Incredibly touching! Sending love and prayers from Knoxville! Thank you for the updates!!

  3. I'm so glad Lexi got to spend some time with Caleb and Zach...she said they had a great time. Give my love to both of them. Pat Bishop

  4. Caleb is our SUPER HERO too, Melissa! Thanks for the updates....don't know where you find the time. The sweet photo of Zachary's class on their knees in prayer touched my heart. We continue to pray all good things for Caleb and you all. You are right....God will get your through this!
    Love & hugs,
    Susan & Joe