Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Precious Answered Prayers

Caleb's day at Texas Children's Hospital turned out fantastic Monday, with great results!
His levels are now holding steady, so it looks like his body is finally adjusting to daily chemotherapy!
That means Clinic turned out nice & relaxed, and we got to read books and enjoy the day together.
It is such a relief for Caleb to get a huge break from "medical drama"!
Caleb is able to play baseball, & it makes him so very happy to be on that field! Go #4!
Our prayer is that Caleb's legs get stronger, though.  His sweet legs are a lot like a newly born fawn.  They often get tangled when he runs, and most days, his legs can barely carry him to each base. One of his powerful medications is notorious for this side-effect.  He tries his very hardest though, and never complains.  His inner strength is admirable and makes us beyond proud.  
It's hard to believe that Halloween is actually Caleb's BIGGEST challenge right now!  He's dressing up like "Steve" from one of his favorite games, Minecraft, this year.
Because of Caleb's food allergies, it's just not that fun to go trick-or-treating, because he gives most of his treasures to his big brother.  When we pray daily and ask God to keep Caleb healthy, he reminds God that we need a cure for food allergies. That seems to be more of a bother to him, than fighting cancer these days.
We think this is a BRILLIANT national campaign for children with food allergies.  Our family is going to put out a teal pumpkin this year - & let other children with allergies know our home has "safe" non-food treats for them.

If Caleb could just fight cancer - or just deal with food allergies alone - it would be one thing... but dealing with BOTH is sometimes more challenging than we care to admit. 
Nothing slows this boy down, though.  Caleb was honored at school and given a certificate for meeting his goal to read 1,000 new words! 

Our final big prayer is that Caleb stays healthy throughout the not-typically-healthy winter months to come.  With his weakened immune system, he is at super high risk of contracting any & everything.  We treasure these moments when he's doing so well, and try to cherish each second of the day.  We also beg God to protect him from germs that his body can't fight.  We can't thank you all enough for your continued support and love.  You have helped us considerably through your prayer and caring attitudes, more than you'll ever know.  God bless you all!  Hope to see you back here for next month's update!  :)


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!! Still praying...

  2. Caleb's smile makes my heart happy. So thankful for answered prayers, and will continue to pray for those precious legs!! Love the costumes!! Love to all, Auntie Donna

  3. So glad to hear that Caleb is feeling better! We are still thinking about him and praying for him, even though we are now located in Beijing, China! Caleb, prayers are going all the way around the world for you!! Hang in there! Hugs to you all you guys! ~ Andrew, Rachel, & Daniel Lafferty

  4. God bless Caleb and Caleb's entire family. I think of Caleb often and I continue to pray for him.