Monday, October 21, 2013

Another First...

Caleb's treatment is constantly changing.  Today was his first "conscious sedation" for the spinal tap.  He did great.  I (Cal's Mom) struggled a little.  The amazing thing is - for the first time, I got to be with him the entire time!  The hard thing was watching a huge needle enter his spine and seeing his precious spinal fluid drip out.  As a Medical Reporter, I've witnessed surgeries hundreds of times.  It's entirely different when it's your own child.  Still, a blessing to be with him and hold his hand and kiss his sweet face.
Resting peacefully after the procedure, all snuggled up with Courage, the Lion. Cal was VERY courageous today!
Caleb gets THREE types of chemotherapy today, to make sure his cancer does not come back.  He got an injection of chemo in his spine, he got a different type of chemo through a drip that went into the "port" in his chest, and he will wrap up the day by taking chemo by mouth.  Whew!  All in a day's work.  Thank goodness Caleb has a funny big brother to keep him smiling on the tough days.  Zach is the best big brother EVER.  He's still working to make us smile, as "we" all recover from an all-day hospital stay. 
Yes, that's a rat on Zach's head!  :) 


  1. Wow, that sounds like a tough day for Cal AND Mommy! Melissa, you don't know me, but my name is Joanna....I'm a long-time viewer, and ya' know, we out here begin to feel like you're part of our family. We watch you day after day, year after year, and we come to depend on the news you provide. Just wanted you to know that I'm one of the many, many friends who is praying for your Caleb. I check the blog each night to see what's going on, and I just wish this would all go away, like a bad dream. Still, it's so obvious that God is with you. If you are a believer, I think anyone in this city can feel all of the prayers! Stay strong, and when it gets too hard to look, don't feel bad about turning away and just letting the docs and nurses handle things. We are all praying you and your family through this.

  2. I am amazed every time I see an update here... amazed at the courage of Caleb. Amazed at Zach being such an awesome big brother. Amazed by the strength of you and David.
    Sending prayers your way all the time- praying for miracles and praying for the cancer to stay away for good!
    We love you all so much.

  3. Ahhhh...sweet, precious Caleb! So proud of your courage! Zach--you are too funny!! Love the ear muffs! Sending you all warm hugs and prayers. Heather Mize and Family.

  4. The word "Brave" takes on a whole new meaning where you guys are concerned! Praise God for the good news about Caleb's Remission! We continue to pray for you ALL and for Caleb's medical team!
    Hugs & love....Susan & Joe

  5. What a fantastic brother Caleb has, I love seeing how he helps his brother. I wish you guys nothing but the best!!!!

  6. We keep up with your report and sorry we don`t always make a comment. We are just so happy things are going well for you and all of your family. We are so grateful that God has picked up your precious little body and taken care of you with the help of all the Drs and your nurses. It sounds like you are in a very special place for little ones and they understand your pain. Our prayers are with you and your family. Love Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Betty

  7. Time to laugh- I remember when my daughter Nicole was going through this. We were at the dr's office waiting to be called in for a Bone Marrow Asperation and Nicole snuck into moms bag and found a bag of grapes and ate 2 before we caught it. The Dr scolded us for letting her eat and mom and dad were sitting there like kindergardeners blaming it on each other lol. We got put in time out by the Dr. Everything worked out but we had a good laugh on the way home blaming each other. You're living in a world of a whole new meaning of normal but you still have to find time to laugh. God bless you Caleb.