Monday, October 14, 2013

Praise GOD...

Today actually went well - despite a 19 hour fast for mommy and Caleb.  The surgery for the bone marrow aspiration and spinal tap chemo came today later than we expected.  No food or drink is common before surgery and so that was done in preparation. Caleb did AMAZING!!!  He was positive and endured the wait like a trooper!  He woke up from the procedure very hungry and happy!  Praise to God for a good day all things considered.


  1. Little victories! So happy to hear yet another story about Caleb being amazing and wonderful. So resilient and strong! Way to fight big guy!

  2. Thank God! We've been praying and praying for Caleb, M, D, Z and the doctors, nurses. We love you guys sooo much! Hope we can talk later.
    -Auntie Beth

  3. wife, daughter and I will take a knee daily to pray for your little angel,the family and all the staff involved in Calebs road to recovery.

    Brad Ketchum and family