Monday, October 28, 2013

Love Me Tender...

"Love me true... all my dreams fulfilled.  For my darlin' I love you, and I always will."

Caleb has a new friend to help keep him brave.  Meet Elvis!  Sticking with Caleb's brave lion theme, dear friend Sonya surprised him with this "Lion King".  :)
Brave 'lil man with Elvis & Courage the Lions
Caleb "rocked" his spinal tap today.  We just got home from all-day hospital stay.  He was incredibly content.  He went 22 hours without food (no food allowed before procedure) but he rarely complained, as the steroid cravings are officially over.

We're adjusting well to our new schedule.  We're making the best of clinic stays & actually able to enjoy (most) of the time there.  Of course, there are painful things along the way, but we try to concentrate on the positive side of it, including joyful snuggles in his hospital bed.

Hanging out with "Elvis" couldn't help me think of some of my dad's favorite songs from the King of Rock & Roll.  "When at last my dreams come true, darling this I know, happiness will follow you, everywhere you go."  No matter what Caleb has to endure, he always comes out smiling.  I know that's because God is watching over him and that happiness will continue to follow him everywhere he goes.  

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  1. What an inspiration Caleb is to all those who either meet him or read about him like I do. It's hard to complain about traffic or the assortment of other stupid things that we think makes for a hard day when you see what this super kid has to endure all the time. Children are a blessing from God.