Friday, December 13, 2013

Lucky Friday the 13th

Our family has never been one to be superstitious, but after Caleb was diagnosed with cancer on Friday the 13th of September, we haven't been too fond of that date.  However, God spoke loud & clear today, on this Friday the 13th of December, to not be scared of a silly superstition.  Cal's blood levels not only went up, as we were hoping... they doubled!  Many ranges even fit into a healthy child's range, now!  That means he finally got his much needed chemo & his bone marrow aspiration has been cancelled.

Caleb feels a little "wiped out", but is resting comfortably at home tonight.
We can now enjoy the holidays again and are thrilled he's getting back on his medical track.  The longer we have these delays, the bigger the chance he can't start first grade on time next year. 

We truly feel that your prayers were instrumental in this fantastic news.  "Thank you" doesn't seem like enough... wish we could hug you all.  God bless you for sticking with us through the ups & downs.  Wow, it feels good to have an up, for a change!   :) 


  1. My heart is dancing as I read this news! God is so good. Merry Christmas! - Joanna

  2. Such positive and encouraging news! Gid is good MERRY CHRISTMAS to your family! Prayers every day for your family love you Melissa!! The Robertsons:)

  3. I continue to pray. God is with us. Such great news! May Caleb and your family be blessed during this holiday season.

  4. Great news to hear to things has greatly improved and that he'll continue on his road map. We'll continue to pray for Caleb, your family, and TCH.

  5. What a wonderful Christmas gift! Praying that the good news continues to poor in.

    The Bradford Family

  6. That is WONDERFUL!! I'm so happy!!! I have been praying all week, & have been anxiously awaiting the results!!!