Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!!

It's been a fun week of distractions for Caleb.  Jesus is the reason for the season, & that has brought a lot of joy to our family. You could almost call Cal's chemo experience "fun" on Monday!  Texas Children's Cancer Center really "decked the halls" with colorful Christmas decorations, inside & out.  
Seems less daunting to a child to go get "needle sticks", with such an inviting atmosphere.

Plus, Cal's sweet high-tech nurse got Christmas tunes rockin' with Pandora on her cell.  His Oncologist was dressed in green & red with a flashing Christmas tree necklace.  Other medical workers wore reindeer antlers!
"Breathing" his medications went well, to avoid swallowing more pills.
 Talk about distractions!  They encouraged us to dress up in silly costumes for a photo session.

Acting crazy before chemo.
One of Cal's nurses even got on the floor with him, when she noticed that is where he was most comfortable.
The love & dedication of these nurses is amazing.  It's incredible to witness how they treat all of the children.
Wait - WHO is at our door????     :)
Zachary & Caleb got the surprise of their lives, when Santa & Mrs. Claus rang our doorbell!  They shared fun stories of the North Pole, plus read a story & even delivered special packages.  Cal had been pretty concerned Santa might not come to our home this year, since his medical condition didn't allow him to go visit Santa, as usual. 
(A huge thanks to the Pellegrino fam for making this happen & the Greens for informing us about it.) 
It was a special occasion that will remain in our thoughts for an eternity.  They're still talking about it!  :)
We hope you & yours are enjoying every second of this magical season.  I just realized this is the first time since I was 18 years old that I didn't send Christmas cards.  We'll have to really make up for that next year!  :)  We are so ready for 2014! 


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Continued prayers for your precious Caleb.

  2. So glad that Santa and Mrs. Claus where able to come!!!!! Priceless photos....... What a Christmas for the family!!! Saw David and Zach Christmas Eve around 5:15pm riding bikes when driving by. Wasn't paying attention when Colton spotted them, I was so surprise I stopped in the middle of the road and couldn't think to turn around and give them hug. Shouted out the window was all I could do. Been kicking myself for not stopping... Looks like Christmas was a Blast and smiles couldn't say anymore. Blessings to you all and my 2014 be a up hill all the way with no looking back!!! Merry Christmas Caleb and Zachery!!!!!! Love, The Greens XXXOOO

  3. Love you MW and family! Hope 2014 brings you amazing news of recovery and strength!

  4. Melissa, we are so happy that Santa and Mrs. Claus could visit your sweet boys this year. I just LOVE those photos ... everyone looks happy! We pray for your family each day. Jake continues to talk about Caleb, and he specifically prays for Caleb each night ;) ! May God continue to bless you! Hugs & Love, the Pellegrino family