Friday, November 22, 2013

Angels Among Us...

If there was ever an angel on Earth, she comes in the form of Tammy McDonald. 
As many of you know, she was Zach’s Kindergarten teacher and retired last year for mission work in Haiti to enrich lives and help build schools there.  When she found out about our strife with Caleb, she came to the rescue. 

When Caleb was first diagnosed with leukemia, he insisted there was no way we could keep him out of Kindergarten.  He didn’t care that his doctor told him he would risk his life by going to school, because his immune system would be so compromised.  He told us he’d find a way to get to Kindergarten.  In fact, he told us, he would walk to get there (his school is miles from home.)  Yes, Caleb is a very strong-willed child.   :)  

Mrs. McDonald dedicated this year to make Caleb’s life more complete.  It is working.  She is challenging him, she is exciting him to learn, and he loves Home-School Kindergarten. 
Of course, big brother can’t wait to get home and get him some Mrs. McDonald TLC. 
We just want everyone to know that after taking one whole week off of chemo… we’re getting some amazing glimpses of our “Cal Boy”.  His sense of humor is re-emerging… he’s laughing more… he even DANCED for us last night.  His appetite is back.  He ate everything on his plate at dinner tonight (it's usually only a bite or two.)  Wow, was this EVER a gift right before Thanksgiving.  In the midst of the deepest, darkest days of our lives, we still find so many things to be thankful for.  Most of all, YOU… who continue to be our prayer warriors and support us on the hard days and celebrate with us on the good ones.  

Caleb (or we, since it affects all of us) will begin a new strong chemo regimen on Monday.  Until then – we plan to enjoy every second!   For now, thank God for ANSWERED prayers.    


  1. What a marvelous way to learn about the "Angels" here on earth. Everyone has them, we just aren't always aware of who they are. Thank you for sharing YOURS! Prayers continue for ALL OF YOU, and will be certain to say lots of extra ones on Monday, when the treatment is given again. Hugs for ALL!

  2. Such a wonderful post!! Amen to those that give themselves to others that are in need, in one way or another. It's wonderful to see Caleb smiling and hearing how "his self" as returned for now. May Monday's treatment effects come with ease. Happy Thanksgiving week and many more to come!!! God Bless!!!! XXXOOOStacy & Boys

  3. Thankful for your blessings...big and small! We continue to lift you all up in our prayers....
    Praying that God gives you all an extra measure of strength to face the next round of treatment.
    love & hugs,
    Susan & Joe

  4. What a sweet and kind woman Caleb's angel is. Such an uplifting post Melissa. I pray that Caleb and your family continue to have beautiful memorable happy days. May God always bless you and may he give you the strength to always carry on. Praying that the next round of chemo be easy on Caleb. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  5. Wow! I can't tell you how many times I read this blog and get goosebumps! Just got them again. Thank you Ms. McDonald and thank you God for sending her to help the Wilson family.
    So happy to see a smile on Caleb's face and can't wait for this to all be in the rear-view mirror! Love from the Morenos :)