Monday, November 18, 2013

So Much for Smilin'?!

We were so excited when Caleb's Oncologist gave him the "green light" to go see the amazing Houston Zoo Lights!  He didn't know where we were going - and we couldn't wait for him to see it. 
In 3,2,1... the magical lights burst to life, to the tune of angelic young voices from a local school choir.
How fortunate to have a warm night in November & an outdoor event Caleb could attend!  Unfortunately, chemo side effects were at their toughest.  Sometimes it's hard to appreciate these drugs that make him feel so terrible.  We know they're responsible for saving his life, but witnessing how they affect him is heartbreaking.

Big brother Zach and Daddy pulled every antic to garner a smile.  Nothing worked. 

Caleb has always adored trains.  This huge display piqued his interest, but the only track he wanted was one that led straight to his bed.
So many of our family and friends have asked for specific prayer requests.  Lately, Caleb is just weak and extremely agitated.  We are praying for him to find peace.  Wanting him to feel "good" is probably unreasonable at this point, but just to feel "comfortable" would be great.


  1. Prayers for Caleb to feel comfortable said...and for all of this to quickly become just a bad memory. Hugs.

  2. What a miserable situation! I feel so sorry for Caleb but my heart breaks for you guys too; it must be terribly frustrating to not be able to take his discomfort away. What parent wouldn't glady step into Calebs shoes to take his pain away. Love him-love him-love him and God will take care of the rest.

  3. The song "Silent Night" popped in my head thinking about little Cal and his need for peace. Maybe a little music therapy might help calm him a bit..... I can only imagine how the drugs have affected him. Thank you for the specific prayer request, Melissa! We're on it!
    Love & hugs,
    Susan & Joe

  4. I have been sending prayers up for Caleb as well as for mommy , daddy and big brother from day one . Extra prayers for comfort , peace and healing for your little man . I see you on the news and my heart aches for you as I know you would much rather be with your little boy..... Melissa , God is good and he will pull all of you through this . Sending all of my thoughts , hugs and prayers to all of you ,
    Robin Dillard