Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Prayers, please?

Caleb needs you!  As some of you know, Big bro Zach brought home a "bug".  While he conquered it quickly, little bro Cal is suffering from it.  For weeks, we've kept him home to spare him from germs, while his white blood cells are down 'n out from chemo.  Unfortunately, being trapped inside with germs makes it impossible to avoid.  We're monitoring his low-grade fever & hoping and praying to stay out of the hospital.  He hasn't eaten a meal in days, so keeping him hydrated is a constant concern.  Let the prayer warriors begin...  Thanks and big hugs.  


  1. Oh sweet boy! You are in our prayers. May you know that you are loved by God, your parents and so many countless others. Your strength and courage are simply amazing. It touches our hearts to see Courage the Lion be with you. Just remember to give "Courage" a hug and squeeze and know that the Lord is sending you a hug and comfort right back through Courage. We are praying that the 'bug' leaves you alone ASAP. Sending our love your way. Heather, Mark, Grant and Ben Mize

  2. We're praying HARD for your dear Caleb...We love you guys.. Carolyn and Dan

  3. Thinking of you all always! Praying even harder today.
    The Bradford Family