Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday...

The spinal tap was much tougher this go-around.  After so many repeated procedures, Caleb finally became resistant to his sedation medication.  That means he appeared to be in pain and had to be held down, to help protect his precious spine.  It was haunting.  His loving doctor & nurse helped a lot though through their reassuring hugs & soft, kind words.  Luckily, another medication wipes out his memory, so only Mom has to remember.  He was incredibly agitated into wee hours of the night.  Please pray for his peace and continued healing.
Finally, Cal "crashes" AFTER the procedure & long, hard day at the hospital.  He likes to wake up & see his lil' friends watching over him.  Most importantly, I remind him... GOD is watching over him and all of us.  In his words, "God please make my cancer go away forever." 


  1. Dear Lord, hold this family close. Heal Caleb quickly and completely. Speak to his heart and soul, always. Be with his Medical Team and see that they make the correct decisions with his care and treatments. In faith, I pray for all.

  2. Oh Melissa, what a bittersweet picture. So sweet because he's resting so peacefully surrounded by his friends, yet we know what he's had to endure prior to this much needed sleep and rest. I pray for you, Caleb and your family often, I will continue to pray. May God be with you and yours always. Continue to have faith and believe that Caleb will be triumphant in beating this disease once and for all.